What is a Happy Camper?

Happy Camper isn’t just a saying, it’s a state-of-mind. It is being totally present in the moment. It’s loving what you do and not wanting to be anywhere else. A Happy Camper conveys the feeling of joy, optimism, achievement, satisfaction, respect, and adaptability. They don’t mind picking up the slack, pushing the limits, and exploring uncharted territories. They are motivational and inspirational.

That’s exactly what Happy Camper Marketing is.

We push the boundaries and limits of what is possible.

We are joyful and optimistic. We are in the moment and completely present in our work. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else doing anything else with anyone else, but you. It doesn’t matter how challenging the project may be, we climb until we reach the top.
We will inspire you to think differently, motivate you to push the limits, cultivate new paths to reach our goals.

We will get it done and find joy in the process.

what makes us different

What We Live By

We Are Adventurous

We believe that being adventurous in your life and with your ideas. We like to seek new challenges and forge new paths. We make it our goal to learn something new every day and embrace out-of-the-box thinking.

We Are Wholehearted

We care about our clients and we treat them like family. That’s why clients choose us and stay with us for the long-haul. We believe in trust, integrity, and transparency and we practice it daily!

We Are Your Partners

We believe that just as much as you are choosing us, we are choosing you too! We want to partner that value the things we hold near and dear to us. That’s why we choose our travel companions wisely.